Freedom EVO® PCR Workstation

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Freedom EVO<sup>®</sup> PCR Workstation
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Flexible automation for PCR set-up and Sequencing reaction preparation. The Tecan Freedom EVO PCR set-up workstation is a fully scalable and modular system enabling PCR and cycle sequencing more

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Sonal Nana


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Review date: 25 Feb 2014

Application Area: PCR
Freedom EVO® PCR Workstation

"It is a great platform that allows flexibility during development. This system is very easy to understand how to use. "



Flexible automation for PCR set-up and Sequencing reaction preparation.

The Tecan Freedom EVO PCR set-up workstation is a fully scalable and modular system enabling PCR and cycle sequencing reaction preparation. The pipetting platform offers unsurpassed flexibility to support virtually all the reaction preparation needs of laboratories whatever the throughput. Reactions may be prepared in micro tubes, 96- or 384-well microplate formats. Precise and reliable pipetting of low volumes is performed by the Liquid LiHa (liquid displacement Liquid Handling Arm) and the Air LiHa (air displacement Liquid Handling Arm). Reliable pipetting of template DNA, DNA primers, and other components (buffers, enzyme, nucleotides) is guaranteed even for the most sensitive amplification procedures by the 4- or 8-tip liquid handling arm or the 96- and 384-multi-channel pipetting option.

Select a pre-optimized configuration or design your own automated PCR set-up system.

Extended automation of amplification procedures can be easily achieved by integration of Tecan’s Infinite™ microplate reader for nucleic acid quantification and normalization as well as by additional modules including reagent-cooling carriers and Tecan’s high capacity storage modules or third party devices such as microplate sealers and thermocyclers. Virtually any combination of additional instruments or devices is fully supported by Tecan’s Freedom EVOware ® software package. With the help of Tecan’s automation consultants you can create your own PCR system.

The PCR Wizard simplifies reaction set-up for a wide range of applications, from end-point, real-time and multiplex PCR protocols, to sequencing, genotyping and gene expression methods, as well as pathogen and mutagenesis detection. The PCR Wizard’s intuitive TouchTools interface helps to reduce training time and costs for research and diagnostic laboratories.

Freedom EVO® PCR Workstation Benefits:

  • Effortless touchscreen operation
  • Multiple PCR plates per run
  • Transparent protocol execution
  • High precision
  • Choice for data input
  • Guided worktable loading
  • Seamless data transfer
  • Sample security


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