Freedom EVO® Genotyping

Manufacturer Tecan

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Scalable systems for medium to high-throughput SNP genotyping.
Tecan’s Freedom EVO Genotyping solutions provide scalable, integrated systems for automated SNP genotyping. The ability to rapidly and efficiently screen genomic DNA samples for phenotypically-relevant SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) has become increasingly important to a wide range of disciplines including pharmacogenomics, clinical diagnostics, population genetics and forensic medicine.

Freedom EVO Genotyping Workstation: Pre-optimized for all throughput demands. Especially for labs with higher throughput requirements, the Freedom EVO workstation has become the SNP screening platform of choice for many industry leaders.

Freedom EVO can be configured with a wide range of modules and peripherals to allow for automation of almost any procedure, efficiently performing steps such as:

  • DNA isolation and quantitation
  • PCR/sequencing reaction set-up
  • Microplate sealing
  • Amplification/sequencing (by integration of third party thermocyclers)
  • PCR/sequencing clean-up

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Freedom EVO® Genotyping

Manufacturer Tecan

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