(disabled) Freedom EVO® Digest

Manufacturer Tecan

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Protein Processing on Tecan’s Freedom EVO Digest.

For protein analysis, Tecan now offers the Tecan Freedom EVO Digest, a highly sophisticated solution for sample preparation for peptide mass finger-printing. The system is supplied with ready-to-go laboratorytested protocols for an immediate start. The entire in-gel digestion system is controlled via Pro Team®-Studio software that can be configured for a unique variety of applications through a user-friendly interface.

The Freedom EVO Advanced Digest automates all processes from protein digestion to sample spotting onto matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) targets of choice.


  • Fully integrated digest workflow from alkylation to target spotting
    Scalable up to 1000 samples/day (from destaining to spotting)
  • High sensitivity – Sensitivity for analysis of proteins in the fmole range
  • Free choice of method or protocol, including different proven protocols for the use with ZipTip® and ZipPlate® or thin layer if incorporated
  • Dedicated and easy to use wizard-based ProteinStudio software including easy programming wizard, report generator, sample tracking from sample to the target
  • Optional active correction of coaxial impression of tips with Tecan’s Te-PS™ system

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(disabled) Freedom EVO® Digest

Manufacturer Tecan

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