Freedom EVO® Clinical

Manufacturer Tecan

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The Freedom EVO Clinical is Tecan’s open platform for clinical diagnostic applications.

Tecan has transformed its powerful fully automated liquid handling systems to provide solutions for clinical diagnostics. Tecan’s objective is to enhance quality, safety and performance in the clinical diagnostic and blood bank environment. The Freedom EVO Clinical offers new functionality and brings true benefits to the customer. Tecan’s Freedom EVO Clinical series of robotic platforms offers flexibility in the configuration of applications, scalability by offering different deck sizes and throughput with a 4- or 8-tip liquid handling arm. Thus the selection of the optimal instrument for your laboratory space and throughput requirements is easily accomplished. Safety is provided by flexible barcode reading and sample traceability as standard features, not to mention that the system complies with the IVD-Directive established in the European market. Interested? The Freedom EVO Clinical series will certainly meet your specific requirement in the diagnostic laboratory.

Freedom EVO Clinical offers unique features:

  • Customizable workspace that can be adapted to the needs of the clinical and blood bank laboratory for different assay requirements
  • Liquid handling arm with 4 or 8 tips with integrated liquid detection
  • The liquid handling arm can be operated with a range of disposable tip sizes and fixed tips that guarantee optimal liquid handling performance. Freedom EVO even allows combinations of different tip configurations.
  • In sensitive applications, the optional lower disposable tip ejector helps to prevent contamination
  • Automated tracking of bar-coded specimens by integrated barcode reader
  • Fully integrated status lamp showing the operational status of the instrument
  • Large safety panel allows safe operation of the system

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