Free Waters Part Selector iPad App

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A simple product finder for Waters consumables and columns in a convenient selector format.

This free app has been designed to help you choose the most appropriate product for your application. Simply walk through the steps and this app will identify the best product for you, along with alternative options.

The application includes 3 tools: 

  •  The Waters Vials Selector simplifies the process of selecting the best vial solutions for your system and application requirements. The selector offers vial options matching the criteria entered, such as the system you are using, sample volume, detection method and light sensitivity of analytes. 

  •  The Waters Plate Selector helps you choose the most appropriate ACQUITY UPLC plate for your application. Simply choose your sample volume and sample quantity and the selector will identify the best plate, along with alternative options. 

  •  The Waters Filter Selector determines the most appropriate filter for your analysis. Simply answer 3 easy questions about particle size, sample volume, and sample type and the tool will identify the most suitable filter.


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Free Waters Part Selector iPad App

Manufacturer Waters

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