FR-E+ SuperBright by Rigaku Corporation

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FR-E+ SuperBright

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The new Rigaku FR-E+ SuperBright is the most intense home laboratory X-ray source available today for macromolecular crystallography, providing brightness exceeding some 2nd generation bending magnet synchrotron beamlines. Work on small and poor quality crystals at home Minimize travel to the synchrotron Improve your workflow by removing the bottleneck of remote data collection Improved filament life increases your productivity Phase at home—optional dual wavelength anode increases your experimental flexibility Proven productivity of Rigaku X-ray sources—89% of the HomeLab structures deposited in the PDB in 2005 were collected on a Rigaku X-ray source Producing unrivalled intensities of 1.6x10¹¹ X-rays/mm²/sec, this new synchrotron-class generator produces twice the flux of the closest competitive instrument. This two-fold advantage is made possible by advances in anode cooling technology. Such a dramatic increase in performance is beneficial for all aspects of in-house crystallographic research, from exceptional data quality for very small and poor quality crystals to an overall enhancement of research productivity. In addition to having the brightest X-ray beam, the FR-E+ SuperBright microfocus rotating anode X-ray source features a true 70 μm x 70 μm focal spot, the smallest available in a rotating anode design. This allows the FR-E+ SuperBright to deliver a small and intense beam that is ideally suited to the tiny crystals typically encountered in current structural biology research. For high-throughput phasing applications, the system is uniquely available in a variety of dual wavelength configurations, including a copper/chromium (Cu/Cr) model designated as the FR-E+ DW SuperBright. Features Highest flux of any microfocus rotating anode X-ray generator Smallest focal spot size of any rotating anode X-ray generator (70 μm x 70 μm) Small beam provides greater flux density and less background for small samples Increases laboratory throughput by allowing for shorter exposure times and faster data collection Collect full data sets on samples where only low-resolution reflections were seen on a standard system Screen crystals where no diffraction is seen using a conventional rotating anode or sealed tube source Choice of anode materials: Cu, Cr, Mo, Co Provides the highest flux when integrated with Osmic™ VariMax™ optics The X-ray generator of the Ultimate HomeLab™ The FR-E+ SuperBright is the brightest microfocus rotating anode generator available. The FR-E+ DW SuperBright is a dual-wavelength version of this system.