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Formulations Workflow
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Rapidly optimize your products using high-throughput techniques to explore a large and complex formulation space. Characterize your formulations using application-specific tests, such as friction and wear. Application tests can be custom-designed, or be integrated third-party hardware.

The Formulations workflow is designed to give you maximum flexibility to synthesize and formulate materials rapidly and precisely. It is also available in a Benchtop Systems configuration. The Benchtop System is a self-contained, software-driven system, while the integrated workflow connects with other equipment in the lab and supports searching, security and auditing and configurable document workflow. We offer liquid handling and powder-dosing technology. Depending on the nature of the application, we work with you to design and apply a variety of specialized tests to determine properties

Prepare: Broaden the scope of experimentation without increasing time

  • Rapidly explore a diverse formulation space by varying formulation components and conditions
  • Automatically dispense and mix samples covering a range of viscosities with the Symyx Core Module. Obtain real-time dispense information through use of a balance and feedback loop.

Process: Complete more experiments, faster and reliably

  • Deploy formulations in a variety of application-specific tests
  • Minimize errors due to human intervention and maximize quality of data

Analyze: Characterize a spectrum of properties for every formulation

  • Create complete picture of formulation properties, without having to pick and choose which samples to investigate
  • Correlate formulation properties to original composition, allowing for efficient optimization of end products.