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Formulations E-Lab Notebook
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Symyx Software Formulations Notebook is an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) designed specifically to solve the challenges faced by pharmaceutical, chemical, and personal-product formulators. Symyx Formulations simplifies information management, saves time, and improves data and formulation quality.

Prepare: Design Formulations Efficiently

  • Searchable global database of formulations, analytical data, and other associated information enables formulators to quickly find and reuse existing information.
  • Tailored editors specifically designed for formulators using standard units such as % w/w and mg/mL, simplify formulation design and notebook entry.
  • Automatic formulation calculation, including adjusting the amount of extra granular excipients based on granulation yield, streamline planning and execution.

Document: Experiments, Batch Records, and Analytical Data

  • Design and record formulations and automatically create batch records.
  • Automatic generation of batch records and flow diagrams saves time and improves information quality.
  • Electronic recording of batch records with a 21 CFR Part 11 compliance-enabling system eases regulatory burdens.

Analyze: Streamline Analysis and Technology Transfer

  • A single Notebook platform spanning discovery and development facilitates rapid data aggregation for reports, including FDA submissions.
  • A searchable global data repository allows users to rapidly find formulations, analytical data, and background information to facilitate data transfer and management.
  • Consistent electronic batch records streamline technology transfer with easily accessible documentation for the entire formulation process.