Forma Laminar Airflow Benchtop Workstation

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Horizontal laminar airflow work bench provides a 100 work area for procedures requiring a particle-free environment. Stainless steel work surface and side walls provide a durable, easy to clean work station. All work area interior surfaces with the edge of the HEPA filter media to provide true laminar airflow. No picture framing or backwashing of contaminated air is permitted.

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Forma® Laminar Airflow Workstations create ultra clean Class 100 (M3.5) air for operations requiring particle-free environments. Intake air passes through a 1"e;e; fiberglass prefilter. The blower/motor unit then moves the air through a zero-probed, HEPA filter rated at 99.99% efficient for 0.3 micron particulates. The HEPA filtered air is then directed horizontally across the work surface. Positive pressure, unidirectional laminar airflow prevents any inflow of room air contaminants onto the work surface.

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Forma Laminar Airflow Benchtop Workstation

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

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