Forma Incubated Console Orbital Shakers by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Forma Incubated Console Orbital Shakers
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The Forma Incubated Console Shaker is ideal for either hard or soft shakes, combining a rugged well balanced structure wtih an easy to clean interior.   The unique chamber HEPA filtration system continously cleans the chamber air and prevents last weeks fast growing bacterial experiment from becoming the subject of this week's slower growing culture.

Product detail:

FormaFThe Forma Incubated Console Orbital Shakers combine high durability and performance with class-leading ergonomics, unequalled programming power.  The patented triple-counterbalanced heavy-duty mechanism prevents vibration, allowing the unit to run with heavy out-of-balance loads.  A patented HEPA filtration system reduces contamination.  The heavy stainless steel interior has coved corners and a chamber drain for ease of cleaning.  A foot pedal operated lid and key lock are standard. In addition, the unit's microprocessor controller displays run and set points on a 20 character backlit display.  Alphanumeric status messages constantly keep you informed of cycle status, and menu-driven programming makes all parameters quick and easy to access.