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forensicGEM™ has been formulated for high-throughput DNA extraction from crime samples. The forensicGEM™ kits have been specifically designed to be compatible with high-multiplex STR profiling kits and all reagents are rigorously Quality Controlled to test for efficacy and for the absence of human DNA.

ZyGEM technology is ideally suited to the large-scale batch processing of reference samples for forensic analysis. Validated by ESR New Zealand, one of the largest forensics laboratories in the world, forensicGEM™ is a rapid, high throughput processing technology for storage card and buccal swab reference samples.

ZyGEM also offers a comprehensive range of optimized kits for the preparation of crime scene and CODIS samples.

All forensicGEM™ kits are rigorously tested at a leading forensic laboratory for efficacy and purity. The basis of all of the kits is the forensicGEM™ proteinase, but special formulations have been developed for different substrates


  • Closed–tube (protects sample integrity)
  • Hands–off (saves labor costs)
  • One-step (maximizes yields and so increases the chance of obtaining a usable profile)
  • Easily automated (compatible with most low cost, off-the-shelf liquid handling robots)
  • Validated for forensic analysis