Forensic Toxicology Screening Solution with UNIFI by Waters

Manufacturer Waters

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Forensic Toxicology Screening Solution with UNIFI
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Purpose-built Solution Achieves Reliable Results with Unparalleled Efficiency and Accuracy

The Forensic Toxicology Screening Application Solution with UNIFI delivers the sensitivity, reproducibility, and ease-of-use necessary to perform broad screening techniques on complex biological samples to identify drugs of abuse and other toxicants of interest. Now, for the first time, you will be able to reliably report the presence or absence of toxicological compounds of interest, easily streamline workflows, and increase the speed of analysis for complex matrices using the scientific library functionality and flexible reporting templates.

Capture, process and analyze complex high-end mass spectrometry and chromatography data on a single software platform. Gain the ability to test and confirm the presence of compounds in a single measurement. Drastically increase workflow efficiency and improve data review and reporting time with pre-defined workflows. Transform your laboratory with the most innovative screening solution ever built for forensic toxicology testing.

Forensic Toxicology Screening Solution with UNIFI Features:

  • Reliably detect and report the presence of drugs and other compounds of interest, while minimizing both false positive and negative results
  • Identify known and unknown compounds with the UNIFI Toxicology Scientific Library
  • Build a historical record of sample analysis data for retrospective review as new challenges emerge
  • Ensure compliance with best-in-class data security and traceability