Forced Air Ovens (SMO3, SMO5, SGO3, SGO5)

Manufacturer SHEL LAB
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: heat fixing, agarose maintenance, enzyme incubation

"Since installation and calibration, oven has maintained a constant temperature. It is roomy, and has become an important part of laboratory functions. It is easy to install and use, and the shelf design helps minimize items tipping or falling. A great oven for constant temperature, ease of use, and size."

Review date: 02 Mar 2013 | Forced Air Ovens (SMO3, SMO5, SGO3, SGO5)
These SHEL LAB ovens incorporate triple wall construction, so at operating temperatures of 225°C, the outer skin of this unit meets all CE requirements and workspaces remain cool.

In addition, users can adjust the air exhaust from the chamber without being near the heat source. The 99 hour and 59 minute digital timer has an independent control so its use is optional. Once the timer expires the power is cut to only the heating elements. Whatever the application, these general purpose ovens deliver precise uniformity, air distribution and the peace of mind expected from the SHEL LAB brand. These oven models are CE approved.

While oven applications are very diverse, it is possible to break down their uses into three main categories: Drying, Baking and Curing. Forced air models are SMO3 (3 cu.ft.) and SMO5 (5 cu.ft.) and gravity convection models are SGO3 (3.4 cu. ft.) and SGO5 (5.4 cu. ft.).