FMT 1500 Quantitative Tomography in vivo Imaging System

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.

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The FMT imaging system is the leading platform for quantifying a broad range of in vivo imaging biomarkers, disease pathways and therapeutic response levels in deep tissue targets. As an integrated part of any research facility focusing on a single application area, or for a core imaging facility serving multiple departments, the FMT is quickly learned, fast to implement and easily provides quantifiable, insightful data. The FMT is available in two platforms, the 1500 Quantitative Tomography In Vivo Imaging System (2-Channels) and the 2500 Quantitative Tomography In Vivo Imaging System (4 channels).

The FMT 1500 is the perfect in viv imaging platform for quantitative imaging in individual laboratories, in smaller facilities or for single applications. The FMT 1500 includes TrueQuant 3D software, two Imaging Cassettes, and an 8-processor CPU for performing quantitative tomography.

Currently available laser wavelengths for the FMT 1500:

•  670 nm Channel (Excitation), Emission range = 690 - 740 nm
•  745 nm Channel (Excitation), Emission range = 770 - 800 nm