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The Hitachi FMBIO II fluorescence imaging system has been designed to increase the accuracy and efficiency of sample analysis using the latest in fluorescent technology.

By taking advantage of fluorescently labelled molecule's absorption and emission wavelengths, a complex bio molecular solution can be examined. The system provides a high-power, solid-state YAG laser 532 nm which allows the excitation and detection of a wide spectrum of fluorescent dyes. High throughout is achieved because scanning and analysis are independent of electrophoresis; thus, many more gels can be run and scanned. Dual PMT and simultaneous multi-fluorophore detection further enhance the system's popularity, making it the most versatile filmless imaging system available.

We provide integrated state-of-the-art solutions based on the combination of dedicated kits/protocols, electrophoresis apparatus, and our Fluorescent Imaging System Hitachi FMBIO II. Those Research applications include differential display, micro-satellites, STRs, ,Western blotting and more will be available soon… It is also particularly simple to use: just place the fluorescent sample onto the stage, close the door and scan. High resolution images can then be obtained within minutes.

The ReadImage and ImageAnalysis software packages are included with the Hitachi FMBIO II system. The interface gives you easy control over the scanner features and makes many types of image analysis simple. Images can be printed through the network or stand-alone printers.

For the Forensic applications, the Hitachi FMBIO II technology combined with the new Powerplex™ 2.1 System, designed by Promega Corporation, present a new alternative for Human Identification, consistent with European guidelines. Using improved STR typing protocols, approved by the F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigations), Hitachi FMBIO II gives you a higher throughput in cost effective conditions. Mitochondrial DNA and Array Technology applications can also be carried out.