DEACTIVATE: Fluoview FV1000MPE multiphoton laser scanning microscope

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The Olympus FluoView FV1000MPE is a multiphoton laser scanning microscope that provides superior tissue penetration and allows observation deep within living specimens.

Using pulsed IR (infrared) lasers in combination with world-class objectives, the Olympus FV1000MPE is able to image hundreds of microns into living tissues, providing the highest penetration depths on the market.

Long wavelength IR light provides an additional advantage - The Olympus FluoView lower energy content reduces phototoxicity and the risk of photodamage thus making long range and time-lapse studies possible.

Furthermore, with multiphoton excitation, the Olympus FluoView laser excites only the fluorescent molecules located at the focal plane. Fluorescent molecules above and below the focal plane are not stimulated by the excitation light, so there is minimal photobleaching.

The FV1000MPE provides cutting-edge technology for various areas of scientific research such as neuroscience and cell biology and is available in three configurations. 

Features of the Olympus Fluoview Microscope:

Optimal for in vivo observation
 - Deep tissue penetration
 - Minimised photodamage/phototoxicity
 - Reduced photobleaching 

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DEACTIVATE: Fluoview FV1000MPE multiphoton laser scanning microscope

Manufacturer Olympus Life Science

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