(disabled) FluorChem FC3 Chemiluminescent Imaging Systems

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The FluorChem FC3's applications include Western blots, fluorescent DNA and protein gels, and colony counting. The imaging system uses a 1.45 Megapixel cooled CCD camera with 16 bit A/D, cooled to -30 degrees Celsius absolute and regulated with your choice of either a Manual F1.8 20 mm fixed lens or a Motorized f/1.2 12.5 - 75 mm zoom lens 110v. The FC3 includes a high end imaging cabinet, UV transilluminator with dual wavelength 302/365 nm wavelengths, fold down white light table, epi white illumination, and AlphaView image analysis software.

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(disabled) FluorChem FC3 Chemiluminescent Imaging Systems

Manufacturer ProteinSimple (formerly Cell Biosciences)

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