FLS980-stm: A Complete Fluorescence, Steady State, Phosphorescence Laboratory in one Instrument

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The FLS980-stm is the world’s most sensitive modular, computer controlled spectrometer for acquiring steady state luminescence spectra, time resolved fluorescence spectra and the associated fluorescence decays in the ultraviolet - visible - near infra red spectral range with single photon counting sensitivity.

Regarded as a complete laboratory in one instrument, the FLS980-stm offers ultimate sensitivity with high spectral resolution and excellent stray light rejection. For fluorescence lifetime acquisition the system employs the technique of Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC): this technique is widely accepted to be the method of choice for maximum sensitivity, dynamic range, accuracy and precision. The sensitivity of the system guarantees a signal to noise ratio of 12000:1 for water Raman spectrum.

The configuration of the FLS980-stm consists of the following hardware:

CW 450 W xenon arc lamp Nanosecond pulsed flashlamp, 1ns FWHM pulse duration. Supplied with driver and start synchronisation photomultiplier, gas filling and vacuum pumping station Excitation monochromator: 300mm focal length, Czerny-Turner design triple grating turret facility with computer controlled wavelength selection and computer controlled continuously adjustable slits.

Versatile sample chamber with with 6 axis access, integral controller, safety shutters, signal attenuator and filter holders.

Dedicated PC running F900 software for comprehensive spectrometer control, performance monitoring, fluorescence spectral data acquisition, correction and analysis library.

Software Interface:

In keeping with the modularity of the FLS980-stm spectrometer, the F900 advanced software is a user friendly package. Irrespective of the system configuration and accessories, the F900 software provides the user with complete control. Measurement set-up and data acquisition is made through a transparent menu system and the measurement modes within the software reflect the system configuration by means of a simple operating environment. Control of the hardware settings are easily accessed through the F900 software.

System Flexibility:

The modular design of every spectrometer provides maximum flexibility to meet the requirements for a wide range of applications. We offer a wide range of accessories for the FLS980-stm together with a range of standard upgrade options for this spectrometer.

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FLS980-stm: A Complete Fluorescence, Steady State, Phosphorescence Laboratory in one Instrument

Manufacturer Edinburgh Instruments Ltd.

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