FLS980-m: A Complete Fluorescence, Phosphorescence Laboratory in one Instrument

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The FLS980-m is the world’s most sensitive modular, computer controlled spectrofluorimeter offering phosphorescence capabilities. Combining ultimate sensitivity with high spectral resolution and excellent stray light rejection, the FLS980-m can measure lifetimes from 1 µs to 10 seconds.

Features Include:

• Count rates of up to 100MHz
• Lifetimes from 1µs to 10 seconds
• Resolution from 0.06 (with 1800g/mm grating)
• Stray Light Suppression of 1 x 105
• Automated spectral correction
• PC plug-in card for combined Single Photon Counting steady state acquisition and Multi-Channel Scaling lifetime acquisition
• Fully computer controlled through Windows software
• Full data reconvolution using a non-linear least square fitting routine

The FLS980-m is a modular, computer controlled L - geometry spectrometer for measuring phosphorescence decays and generating time resolved phosphorescence spectra.

The configuration of the FLS980-m consists of the following hardware: Microsecond flashlamp under computer control to measure phosphorescence decays.

Software Interface:

In keeping with the modularity of the FLS980-m spectrometer, the F900 advanced software is a user friendly package. Irrespective of the system configuration and accessories, the F900 software provides the user with complete control. Measurement set-up and data acquisition is made through a transparent menu system. The measurement modes within the software reflect the system configuration by means of a simple operating environment. Control of the hardware settings on the PCS900 data acquisition cards are easily accessed through the F900 software.

System Flexibility:

The modular design of every spectrometer provides maximum flexibility to meet the requirements for a wide range of applications. We offer a wide range of accessories for the FLS980-m together with a range of standard upgrade options for this spectrometer.

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FLS980-m: A Complete Fluorescence, Phosphorescence Laboratory in one Instrument

Manufacturer Edinburgh Instruments Ltd.

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