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FlowSyn Continuous Flow Reactor
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FlowSyn - Making Flow Chemistry Simple

FlowSyn is a fully integrated continuous flow reactor with everything you need to start doing flow chemistry including reaction optimization, synthesis and scale up.

To provide maximum flexibility, a wide range of mixer and reactor options are available as well as additional modules for performing multiple experiments, or sub-ambient chemistry. 

• Ability to perform continuous flow chemistry under microwave-like conditions (up to 260oC). 
• Perform sub-ambient continuous flow chemistry using the 'Cold Coil'. 
• Run up to 10 automated sequential experiments with the 'Automated Experiment Package'.

A pair of high pressure pumps are used to deliver reagent solutions from either stock bottles or sample injection loops through a 'T'-mixer into the electrically heated flow reactors. Reactions can be heated to 260?C and 150?C in the coil and column reactor modules respectively. Back pressure regulators of up to 1000 psi are used to pressurise the system and thus perform superheating of solvents, allowing the chemist to access'microwave like' conditions with no limitation on scale.

FlowSyn is very easy to use with a high resolution user interface. The user is guided through the process for setting up a flow chemistry reaction by inputting parameters for reagent volumes, temperatures and reaction times. The user can choose to collect all of the reaction plug, or only the 'steady state' part. FlowSyn will then equilibrate and run the reaction, and finally flush the system through with solvent. Throughout FlowSyn will monitor the pressure of the system, and shut down if a problem occurs allowing FlowSyn to be safely run unattended.