Flowsight® Imaging Flow Cytometer by MilliporeSigma

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma
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Flowsight® Imaging Flow Cytometer
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Average Rating: 3.7
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Great for cellular immunology and signaling network
Rating: 3.7

  • Application Area: Translational Research, cellular immunology

"It gives very high quality results with less amount of samples that is not possible with any other instrument."

Review date: 03 Aug 2017 | Flowsight® Imaging Flow Cytometer

The FlowSight flow cytometer offers high performance in a small package. Its innovative design increases signal and minimizes noise to provide unmatched fluorescence sensitivity. Twelve standard detection channels simultaneously produce brightfield, darkfield and up to ten channels of fluorescence imagery of every cell. With these unique capabilities, the FlowSight enables a broad range of applications.

Intuitive: Easy-to-use, with imagery for every cell:

The FlowSight operates like a conventional flow cytometer but also provides imagery of every cell. Powerful and intuitive analysis software seamlessly links quantitative data to imagery:

  • Click on a dot in any plot to see the corresponding cell imagery.
  • Click on a bin in any histogram to view all the cells in that bin.
  • Draw gates on dot plots and view the resulting populations to validate results.

Affordable: Designed and priced for every lab:

The FlowSight is powerful enough for the core lab but sized and priced for any lab. The system can be factory configured or field upgraded with up to four excitation lasers (405, 488, 561, 642 nm), a 96-well plate AutoSampler, and a powerful quantitative image processing option. Whether in a base configuration or fully-optioned, the FlowSight sets a new standard of value.

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Flowsight® Imaging Flow Cytometer by MilliporeSigma product image

Flowsight® Imaging Flow Cytometer

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

3.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews