FlowCAM® PV-Series by Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.

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FlowCAM® PV-Series
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FlowCAM® PV-Series - Economical, Portable Imaging Particle Analysis System with a Small Footprint.

The FlowCAM® PV-Series (PV= Particle Vision) offers an economical application specific imaging particle analysis system with a small footprint. While the VS-Series gives the ultimate flexibility and upgradability for a laboratory or R&D environment, the PV-40 and PV-100 models are purpose-built for environments where similar types of samples are run continuously, such as QC labs. Since the PV-Series does not require the flexibility and upgradability of the VS-Series, it can be packaged in a smaller, more economical form factor.

FlowCAM® PV-Series Features:

  • Ease-of-Use: no setup, all functions computer-controlled via software (including priming, rinsing, etc.)
  • Fast, effortless acquisition of thousands of particle images and their measurements in seconds
  • Up to 32 different measurements captured with each particle image for morphological and gray-scale attributes
  • Intuitive VisualSpreadsheet® software for rapid filtering, classification and enumeration of different particle types
  • Incorporates the speed of automated particle analysis systems with the detailed information of microscopy
  • Touch-Screen and/or mouse-driven user interface

FlowCAM® PV-Series Applications:

  • QC of Parenteral Drug Formulations
  • Characterization of Silica Particles by Shape
  • QC of Micronized Superabrasives
  • Characterization of Column Packing Particles
  • Wash-water Analysis