FlowCAM® - ES (Engineered System) by Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.

FlowCAM® - ES (Engineered System) by Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. product image
FlowCAM® - ES (Engineered System)
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FlowCAM®- ES (Engineered System) - An Imaging Particle Analysis System for On-Line Analysis of Particulates in Process Fluids.

Capable of being installed and operated directly at the production facility, the FlowCAM® - ES provides real-time on-line analysis of any fluid-born particulates. The system can automatically dilute the fluid coming from a process line or vessel if necessary, and then return it to the supply or to waste after analysis. Powerful image recognition algorithms automatically identify different particulate types in the process stream, and report concentrations for each. These results can be used for trend analyses, as well as to monitor for, and report any impurities that might be present.

FlowCAM® - ES Features:

  • On-Line: Direct, real-time measurements
  • Automated particle characterization and enumeration
  • Direct connection to process line or vessel
  • Temperature controlled enclosure
  • Remote control and analysis via network
  • Fully automated image and data capture
  • Trend analysis
  • Identify impurities
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Consulting available to adapt to your specific environment

FlowCAM® - ES Applications:

  • Drilling mud, or other petro process stream analysis
  • Yeast analysis in fermentation processes
  • Pulp content analysis in fruit drink production
  • Algal and particulate analysis in public water sources
  • Algae growth monitoring in algae biofuel production
  • Crystal growth monitoring and impurity detection
  • Wash or waste water monitoring

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