Flotation washer (continuous belt)

Manufacturer Cabinplant

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The flotation washer is designed to wash/clean strawberries, plums, cherries, dates, mushrooms and similar products. This involves removal of particles, either lighter or heavier than the product, e.g. leaves, straw, stones, sand, etc.
The product is carried forward on a segment belt. A pipe system with nozzles agitates the product to improve the quality of the washing process.
The flotation washer consists of
Washing vessel
Stone trap to collect stones, sand etc.
Circulation pump to recirculate water
Water filtration system to remove light impurities
Discharge elevator including final spraying with clean tap water
Option: The flotation washer can be provided with or connected to a water cooling unit. This ensures that washing is effected at a low temperature to prevent microbiological growth and to increase the final quality.

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Flotation washer (continuous belt)

Manufacturer Cabinplant

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