Mid-IR FlexIR Accessory

Manufacturer PIKE Technologies

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The PIKE FlexIR Hollow Waveguide Accessory is an excellent tool for remote and specific area analysis of a wide variety of samples in the mid-infrared region.

The new FlexIR Hollow Waveguide Accessory is designed for high throughput, ruggedness and wide spectral range. The FlexIR utilizes a customized optical design with diamond turned focus optics providing exceptional IR throughput.

The new hollow waveguides are very durable and free from the typical fracture problems encountered with polycrystalline core fibers. The highly reflective hollow waveguides transmit maximum energy through the full mid-IR spectral region – eliminating the need for multiple fibers for a complete spectrum coverage when chalcogenide or halide probes are used.

Mid-IR FlexIR Accessory Features:

  • Fast, easy identification of solids and liquid samples outside of the sample compartment
  • 1 or 2 meter, hollow waveguides (HWG) offer exceptional durability and high throughput
  • Full mid-IR spectral range coverage
  • ATR, specular and diffuse reflectance probes for a complete array of sampling applications
  • Standard and high temperature/high pressure probes for reaction monitoring
  • Permanent alignment of sampling probe to the hollow waveguide for consistent analysis results
  • MCT or DTGS detector choice for maximum sensitivity and convenience
  • Compatible with most FTIR spectrometers