Flexible-24, Clear PET 24-well Flexible Microplate

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.

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Flexible plates are designed for PerkinElmer's MicroBeta liquid scintillation counter, and give the best results in liquid scintillation counting and SPA assays.
These plates are chemically resistant to DIN-based cocktail and feature printed grid lines between wells to eliminate crosstalk. The plate cassettes and support frames are required to use the flexible microplates in MicroBeta.

This is a 24-well, flexible plate for MicroBeta made of clear PET-A plastic and printed with grid lines between wells.The plate is chemically resistant to all DIN-based cocktails and is ideally suited for coated plate assays, chromium release, Cerenkov 32P, SPA and all other general liquid scintillation applications.

The plate has flat-bottom wells, maximum volume 1mL/well and 4 x 6 format. For easy handling, it may be slotted into a support frame (1450-481). It is sealed with tape (1450-461 or 1450-462) and counted in cassette 1450-102.