Flexar HPLC and UHPLC Pumps by PerkinElmer, Inc.

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.
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Flexar HPLC and UHPLC Pumps
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Average Rating: 3.0
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3 out of 5
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Training is very expensive.
Rating: 3.0

  • Application Area: Identification of substances and their concentration

"This product is easy to use with some training. PerkinElmer will conduct training on how to use this HPLC for a very substantial fee."

Review date: 27 Nov 2015 | Flexar HPLC and UHPLC Pumps
Flexar HPLC and UHPLC Pumps - Pump up performance.

More samples done faster. Year after year. That's what you get when you combine high throughput power with the industry's most reliable, rugged family of pumps. We have the performance you want, whatever your analytical flow rate needs may be.

•  10x throughput improvement with Flexar FX-10 and FX-15 UHPLC pumps
•  10-15x less solvent consumption for minimal waste disposal, reduced operating costs and greener productivity
•  Proven reliability minimizes cost of ownership
•  Isocratic to binary to quaternary upgrades right in your lab