FlashEA 1112 NC Analyzers by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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FlashEA 1112 NC Analyzers
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An analyzer based on Dynamic Flash Combustion technology, the FlashEA 1112 N/Protein Analyzer is accurate, low cost tool that speeds up the entire analytical process.

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FlashEA 1112 NC Analyzers deliver rapid, precise and environmental-friendly determinations of nitrogen and carbon in geological and agriculture materials such as soils, sediments or particulate materials obtained by filtration of sea, river, lake, or tap water. Unlike traditional techniques, operations with FlashEA 1112 NC Analyzers do not involve any toxic or polluting substances.

Rapid method for routine work. FlashEA 1112 NC Analyzers are based on the well known Dynamic Flash Combustion, which produced complete combustion of the sample followed by an accurate and precise determination of the elemental gases produced. The method is rapid, less than 5 minutes for a complete sample characterization.

Unsurpassed accuracy and reproducibility. Designed for precision and reliability, FlashEA 1112 is based upon more than 30 years experience in organic elemental analysis. It includes well-proven and robust technology focused to generate constant reproducibility for the widest range of samples.

Quick maintenance. Besides providing a quick analytical cycle, the novel solution adopted foe reactors and filters connections ensure a very short instrument maintenance time. 

Powerful combination with Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry. The accurate determination of nitrogen and carbon isotope ratio offers a powerful tool in many research areas from environmental to agronomy, to nutritional and marine biology.