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FirstDefender is a lightweight, rugged instrument for rapid identification of unknown solids and liquids, including narcotics, TICs, TIMs, explosives and more.

Certified to MIL-STD 810F specifications, FirstDefender offers the superior performance, portability, accuracy and durability required by today's military and civilian first responders.

FirstDefender is an all-optical Raman system designed for use by first responders, homeland security, military, law enforcement and forensic chemistry personnel. Key features and benefits: 

• Quickly identifies unknown solid and liquid chemicals from a vast sample library including: explosives, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), toxic industrial materials (TIMs), chemical warfare agents (CWAs) white powders, narcotics and more 
• Mixture analysis software identifies mixture components in seconds—including solid/liquid combinations and aqueous solutions 
• Handheld—weighs less than 4 lbs for easy transport 
• Designed for use in the hotzone with tough form factor, quick decontamination and easy operation in full Level A gear 
• Non-contact sampling requires no calibration and no consumables 
• Point-and-shoot operation through sealed translucent containers avoids contamination and exposure and maintains evidence 
• Fully operable over a wide temperature range (-20 °C to +40 °C) 
• Dual sample mode (point-and-shoot or vial mode) enables flexible sampling 
• Integrated NIOSH and CAMEO database provides on-the-spot reference 
• 24/7 technical and reachback support provided for all units