Finnpipette Accessories

Finnpipette Accessories
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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Pipette stands and module hangers  Sample tubes and racks V-shape reagent basin and 8-channel reagent reser voirs Safety labels Product detail: The bench-top stand more

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Review date: 06 Jun 2007

Finnpipette Accessories



  • Pipette stands and module hangers
  •  Sample tubes and racks
  • V-shape reagent basin and 8-channel reagent reser voirs
  • Safety labels

Product detail:

The bench-top stand comfortably holds up to 6 Finnpipette Digital single- and multichannel pipettes. The crossbars are made of a grippy material to keep the pipettes firmly in place. Individual shelf hangers are also available.

To ensure safety and convenience, pipettes must be protected and stored safely, preferably in an upright position. The Finnpipette Focus rotating pipette carousel has space for 6 Finnpipette Focus single channel pipettes. This stand is portable and provides a transparent lid to protect your pipettes from contamination. Finnpipette Focus pipettes are provided with medium sized handle grips as standard. To customise your pipette to fit in your hand better, the snap-on handle grips are also available in small and large sizes.

The Finnpipette Multichannel stand provides convenient storage for 8-or 12-channel Finnpipette Focus and Digital Multichannel pipettes and the multistepper. The BioControl module hanger is designed for convenient storage of the Finnpipette BioControl tip cone modules.

Safety label

For easy identification and added security, all Finnpipette Digitals have a safety label on top of the grippy finger rest. The clear plastic window covers an adhesive label, which can be marked with a name or other vital information. Pipettes come with three different safety labels: biohazard, radioactivity and toxin/poison/danger. Extra labels are available in bags of three.

V-shape reagent basin and 8-channel reagent reser voirs

Thanks to its V-shape, the 60 ml reagent basin is ideally suited to work with all multichannel pipet tes. It is made of autoclavable polypropylene.The 8-channel (10ml/channel) reagent vessel is also made of autoclavable polypropylene.

Sample tubes and racks

1.1 ml sample tubes, 96-position tube racks and cap bands in strips of eight are available. The tubes can be used to prepare a large sample volume for subsequent transfer to microplates. The 96-position tube racks are suitable for use with multichannel pipettes,s ince the wells have the same 9 mm spacing as standard plates. The pre-dilution tubes are made of polypropylene, and they are autoclavable for sterile applications.


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