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Finnigan Triton
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The Finnigan TRITON gives the ultimate precision for isotope ratio measurements on solid samples. It uses a proven thermal ionization source and has a unique variable multicollector platform which can be configured with Faraday detectors and/or miniaturized ion counting detectors for smallest sample sizes. Typical applications are dating of geological samples as well as control of isotopic compositions of nuclear materials.

Product detail:

New Technology           

The Finnigan TRITON is a completely new thermal ionization mass spectrometer (TIMS) delivering the most precise and accurate isotope ratios ever archieved with TIMS for positive and negative ions.

Through its innovative technology, including Virtual AmplifiersTM, Dynamic ZoomTM and all-carbon plug-in Faraday cups, the TRITON sets a new standard for TIMS. Major applications are in isotope geology, geochemistry and planetary research.

The TRITON is the first system built on Thermo Electron's new multicollector platform. The second member of the product family is the Finnigan NEPTUNE, a multicollector ICP-MS.

Thermal ionization isotope ratio MS (TIMS) with multicollector              
The most precise and accurate TIMS ever              
Novel patented technology to overcome traditional shortcomings of multicollector MS              
Guaranteed 5 ppm external precision on Sr and Nd              
High abundance filter (RPQ) and multi-ion-counting options