Finnigan™ ProteomeX LTQ™ by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Finnigan™ ProteomeX LTQ™
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With unparalled sensitivity and completely integrated hardware, software and methods, the system delivers an extremely powerful solution for identifying proteins from complex matrices, determining the location(s) of many post translational modifications (PTMs) and even de novo sequencing.   

Product detail:

Realizing that generating spectra by itself was not enough, the ProteomeX LTQ system was created with the following components:  two quaternary pumps, sophisticated new Finnigan Micro AS proteomics auto sampler, 10-port low volume switching valve, Finnigan LTQ ion trap mass spectrometer and potent acquisition and processing software.

By seamlessly aligning these components, weve created an incredibly powerful proteomics tool with sensitivities and processing features that provide extremely high protein ID coverage at an extraordinarily high confidence.  While the system does generate massive amounts of data, the software interrogates and interprets the spectra to turn it into information.

With the integrated HPLC, auto sampler, 10-port switching valve and ion trap mass spectrometer comes tremendous versatility.  The system comes configured with four application specific kits and hardware/software configurations:

  • Identify proteins rapidly with High Throughput Protein ID using fast chromatographic separations and automated Data Dependent MS and MS/MS techniques.
  • Analyze proteins comprehensively with Maximum Sequence Coverage using chromatographic separation and in-depth MS analysis.
  • Identify phosphopeptides and phosphorylation sites with Phosphorylation Site Mapping using automated Data Dependent Neutral Loss MS3 analysis.
  • Maximize productivity with MudPIT (multidimensional protein identification technology) analysis of highly complex samples using multidimensional LC/MS to separate and identify a myriad of proteins.

Unique, proprietary features of the system include:

  • Patented Automatic Gain Control (AGC) ensures the trap is always filled with the optimum amount of ions.
  • Dynamic Exclusion ensures acquisition of MS/MS and MSn spectra from lower intensity ions.
  • Normalized Collision Energyprovides reproducible data from instrument to instrument

One of the most powerful features of the system are the Data Dependent experiments.  This allows a user to program the instrument to automatically examine spectra, make a decision about the results and subsequently perform MS/MS and/or MSn experiments on any number of the observed ions.  Once the data is acquired, powerful protein ID software based on SEQUEST® matches the spectra against a protein database and returns an identification with confidence scoring.  With the speed and sensitivity of the ProteomeX LTQ system, a greater number of peptides are detected and subsequently fragmented.  The greater protein coverage and higher ID scores dramatically increase the confidence in the results. 

The system comes standard with:

  • LTQ ion trap mass spectrometer
  • ESI and nanospray ion sources
  • Surveyor HPLC quaternary pumps
  • 10-port low  volume Rheodyne switching valve
  • Finnigan MicroAS auto sampler
  • ProteomeX LTQ software
  • BioWorks software with SEQUEST
  • 4 Preprogrammed application methods with hardware configurations and associated consumables
  • Optional DeNovoX software for determining the sequence of unique peptides

With the ProteomeX LTQ, the system works for you, generating high protein coverage with high confidence in the results.  Save your time for taking this information and turning it into knowledge.

ProteomeX LTQ.  Let the system work for you. 

®SEQUEST is a registered trademark of the University of Washington

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Finnigan™ ProteomeX LTQ™ by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image

Finnigan™ ProteomeX LTQ™

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews