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The Finnigan NEPTUNE is a high performance Multicollector-ICPMS with high mass resolution capabilities for high precision isotope ratio measurements. It combines highest sensitivity and highest stability for all elements with the latest multicollector technique. High mass resolution on all detectors is the key to discriminate against molecular interferences.

Product detail:

Multicollector ICP-MS

The design of the Finnigan NEPTUNE multicollector ICP-MS is based on the sum of our experience in multicollector technology and ICP-MS.

The system incorporates the unique features of the TRITON analyzer and the the ELEMENT2 plasma interface, which  provide the basis for a uniquely powerful MC-ICP-MS. Just as TRITON and ELEMENT2 redefined the TIMS and high resolution ICP-MS respectively, the Finnigan NEPTUNE is expected to redefine the practice of multicollector ICP-MS.

The Finnigan  NEPTUNE offers

  • High resolution multicollector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (MC-ICP-MS)
  • Precise and accurate isotope ratios of most of the periodic table
  • Includes the novel ion optical and detector technologies from TRITON
  • Multicollection with high mass resolution
  • High abundance filter (RPQ) and multi-ion-counting options