Finnigan MAT95XP Trap by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Finnigan MAT95XP Trap
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The MAT 95 XP-Trap is the high resolution, double focusing hybrid mass spectrometer for ultimate performance, productivity and versatility. Its ion trap MSn capability makes it a universal reseach tool

Product detail:

Routine High Resolution MS and MSn System
Double Focussing Reversed Nier-Johnson Geometry

High mass resolution Accurate mass High sensitivity MS/MS and MSn Routine GC-HRMS Elemental composition Trace analysis

Identification and confirmation:
The MAT95XP is a double focusing mass spectrometer featuring high performance and productivity. High mass resolution, accurate mass assignments and excellent sensitivity, together with high stability and sample throughput capabilities make the MAT95XP the most versatile mass spectrometer for solving routine analytical problems. Autotuning guarantees maximum sensitivity at all resolution settings and with all modes of ionization-routinely. The MAT95XP is used in numerous areas, like sports doping control, P.O.P. analysis, environmental analysis, drug discovery, and analytical service laboratories.

Excellent mass accuracy in routine applications
High resolution in all ionization modes
Mass range 3,500 Da at full acceleration potential
All available linked scan capabilities
Ultimate MS/MS sensitivity with optional hybrid ion trap

Autotune in all ionization modes at low and high resolution
One single mass calibration for all modes of operation
Full automation including automated accurate mass determination and MS/MS experiments
Turn-key solutions for target compound analysis (dioxins, steroids, etc.)

Full data system control of the instrument including peripherals
GC and LC interfaces
Rapid interchange of inlet systems and ionization modes
Unmatched Ion Trap MSn in all ionization modes
Autotuning at any resolution and any ionization mode
Only the ion source requires tuning
Mass resolution is set by data system controlled adjustment of the slit widths without additional tuning

Your benefit:
Guaranteed maximum sensitivity at all resolution settings and with all modes of ionization - routinely.
Take advantage of magnetic sector problem solving capabilities without accepting traditional compromises.

  • One mass calibration is valid for all modes of operation.
  • Forget about calibrating different mass ranges and scan speeds.
  • Forget about calibrating each mode of ionization.
  • Forget about drifting and unreliable mass assignments. The MAT 95 XP controls both the magnetic field and the electric field with 20 bit precision.
  • The field control boards are self calibrating for routine high resolution accuracy.
  • Select automatic peak matching, electric scanning or magnetic scanning as your application demands.
  • Accurate mass assignments in fully automated operation are routinely better than 2 ppm.

Once set, the mass resolution is valid over the full mass range with no mass dependent tuning, at all practical scan speeds.

The MAT 95 XP-Trap system
Imagine you would be able to not only get high resolution data or accurate masses, but further analyze highly resolved ions using MS/MS and MSn - with high sensitivity, high collision efficiency and excellent mass resolution of the product ions.

The MAT 95 XP-Trap system offers all these capabilities by combining the high performance magnetic sector mass spectrometer with the unmatched Thermo Finnigan LCQ MSn ion trap system.

This seamless combination extends the power of the ion trap beyond its already outstanding capabilities by:

  • MSn with all modes of ionization.
  • MS/MS in the transfer octapole with no low mass cut-off.
  • MSn with high precursor ion resolution.
  • MSn of very small signals in the presence of intense interferences.

Plus the regular LCQ features:

  • Zoom scan for 10,000 (FWHM) mass resolution of product ions.
  • Resonant excitation for ultimate collision efficiency.
  • Exceedingly simple experiment setup and operation.


  • Full acceleration potential for all ionization modes
  • Resolution better than 60,000
  • Mass range 3,500 Da at full acceleration potential
  • Scan cycle time 0.2 s/decade
  • Multiple ion detection with 33 time windows per analysis and 31 masses per time window
  • Continuously variable entrance and exit slits with piezo-effect actuators
  • Differential pumping system with 3 turbomolecular pumps

Product Overview