Finnigan MAT900XP by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Finnigan MAT900XP
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The MAT 900 XP is the high resolution, double focusing mass spectrometer for ultimate performance, productivity and versatility with no compromises.

Product detail:

Finnigan MAT900XP

Research Grade Routine High Resolution MS and MSn System
Double Focussing Reversed Nier-Johnson Geometry

  • High mass resolution
  • Accurate mass
  • Ultrahigh sensitivity
  • MS/MS and MSn
  • Bioanalysis
  • Elemental composition
  • Combinatorial chemistry

Target Compound

The MAT900XP is the high resolution, double focusing mass spectrometer for ultimate performance, productivity and versatility with no compromises. High mass resolution and automated accurate mass assignment are routine in all modes of ionization. With the optional hybrid ion trap the system is the most versatile MS/MS as well as octapole CID both with high precursor ion resolution. The MAT900XP is used in major pharmaceutical research laboratories and top-notch research centers.


  • Excellent mass accuracy in routine applications.
  • High resolution in all ionization modes.
  • Large mass range.


  • Autotune in all ionization modes at low and high resolution.
  • One single mass calibration for all modes of operation.
  • Full automation including automated accurate mass determination and MS/MS experiments.


  • Full data system control of the instrument including peripherals.
  • GC and LC interfaces.
  • EI, CI, ESI, Micro-ESI, APCI, FD, FI, FAB.
  • Rapid interchange of inlet systems and ionization modes.

Instrument Performance

The MAT 900 XP is based on a most refined ion optics, combining high resolution, high sensitivity and ease of use: Performance at your fingertips.

Autotuning at any resolution and any ionization mode.

  • Only the ion source requires tuning.
  • Mass resolution is set by data system controlled adjustment of the slit widths without additional tuning.

Your benefit:
Guaranteed maximum sensitivity at all resolution settings and with all modes of ionization, routinely.
Take advantage of magnetic sector problem solving capabilities without accepting traditional compromises.

  • One mass calibration is valid for all modes of operation.
  • Forget about calibrating different mass ranges and scan speeds.
  • Forget about calibrating each mode of ionization.
  • Forget about drifting and unreliable mass assignments. The MAT 900 XP controls both the magnetic field and the electric field with 20 bit precision.
  • The field control boards are self-calibrating for routine high resolution accuracy.
  • Select automatic peak matching, electric scanning or magnetic scanning as your application demands.
  • Accurate mass assignments in fully automated operation are routinely better than 2 ppm.

Once set, the mass resolution is valid over the full mass range with no mass dependent tuning, at all practical scan speeds.

Ion source
Select the mode of ionization and the mode of sample introduction according to your application. Whether you need a dedicated workhorse running e.g. API for combinatorial chemistry, or a highly versatile research instrument with e.g. FAB or CI, it’s your choice. And if your requirements change, all options and inlet systems are field retrofittable.
Exchangeable ion volumes for EI, CI, FAB and FD/FI allow switching without venting. EI and CI volumes carry their dedicated filaments ensuring long-term usage.
The API interface connects to the standard ion source. Mounting is fast and easy. Switching between ESI, Micro-ESI and APCI does not require venting. The API interface is data system controlled, including autotune.

Detectors The MAT 900 XP is equipped with:
The 20 kV conversion dynode and a secondary electron multiplier for high mass resolution and large dynamic range.


  • High mass resolution, accurate mass assignment and ultimate sensitivity.
  • These features make the MAT 900 XP the most versatile mass spectrometer for routine and challenging research.
  • Accurate mass determination. Accuracy 1.1 ppm.
    Peak matching of a peptide mixture:Met-enkephaline-Arg-Gly-Leu
  • Large mass range protein analysis.
    Electrospray ionization.
    Molecular weight calculation.
  • High mass resolution protein analysis.
    Electrospray ionization.
    Charge state determination and molecular weight calculation.
  • High resolution differentiation of glycolipids in negative ion electrospray ionization.
    R=1,000 / R=10,000
    Deconvolution at low resolution can lead to incomplete results.
  • LC-MS of a Fetuin digest.
    Search for a common peptide chain with different sugar residues.

The MAT 900 XP is completely computer controlled and designed to deliver research grade results in fully automatic routine operation.

  • Autotuning in all modes of operation, high and low resolution, all ionization modes. No exception.
  • Control of peripheral devices, including a variety of GCs, LCs and autosamplers.
  • Control of, and reaction to external events.
  • Intelligent procedures with data dependent execution branching, controlling the process from sample injection through data acquisition.
  • Data evaluation without user interaction.
  • Unattended problem solving with highest productivity and unmatched analytical power.


  • Full acceleration voltage for all ionization modes
  • Mass range 5,000 Da at full acceleration potential
  • Resolution better than 60,000
  • Mass accuracy better than 2 ppm
  • Continuously variable entrance and exit slits with piezo-effect actuators
  • Differential pumping system with 4 turbomolecular pumps
  • PC based data system with Xcalibur software