Finnigan DELTAplus XP by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Finnigan DELTAplus XP
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The Finnigan DELTAplusXP is the univeral routine and research stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer for all applications using dual-inlet and continuous-flow techniques. Its extended image plane supports continuous flow D/H measurements as well as the determination of atmospheric gases. The amplifier dynamic range is 50 V.

Product detail:

The DELTAplusXP combines the extended ion optics of the DELTAplusXL with completely new electronics. The key features of the new electronics include extended dynamic range (signals to 50 V), simultaneous static collection of up to 8 ion beams, high ohmic resistors variable under computer control, and computer control of ion source potentials and system parameters.
The DELTAplusXP is a universal tool for 13C/12C, 15N/14N, 18O/16O, 34S/32S, 37Cl/35Cl, and D/H determination in dual inlet and continuous flow modes.
The DELTAplusXP offers simultaneous acquisition and ratio evaluation on up to eight Faraday collectors on a single image plane with a mass range of  22 %, e.g. m/z 28 - 44 or m/z 2 and 3. It has the widest flexibility in detector configurations allowing development of novel applications but with no compromise to the traditional applications. The DELTAplusXP is optimized for the on-line measurement of D/H isotope ratios in a He carrier gas stream, with the complete suppression of 4He+-interferences on m/z 3 (HD).
The DELTAplusXP provides a flexible and open platform for the connection of inlet systems and preparation devices. Full integration of the ISODAT 2.0 gas isotope data system enables easy set up, tuning and automatic operation of the DELTAplusXP.
The powerful ISODAT 2.0 ISL Script Language provides access to all processes, and allows modification of supplied scripts as well as development of entirely new measurement and evaluation protocols.
Extended dynamic range
- Amplifiers register to 50 V
- Computer switchable amplifier gain     
Simultaneous static multicollection on up to eight Faraday cups     
"e;Plug and measure"e; peripheral recognition     
"e;Fast bellows"e; system     
Elimination of electronic noise with fiber optic signal transmission     
Computer controlled ion source potentials and parameters     
Full ISODAT 2.0 integration