Finnigan DELTAplus Advantage by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Finnigan DELTAplus Advantage
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The Finnigan DELTAplusAdvantage is the economical stable isotope ratio MS for all dual-inlet and continuous-flow applications not requiring continuous-flow D/H capability. It is fully automated, very sensitive and has an amplifier dynamic range.

Product detail:

The Stable Isotope Engine

The DELTAplus Advantage builds on the proven robustness and performance of the DELTAplus, while adding new capabilities through completely new electronics and full software integration. The key features of the new electronics include extended dynamic range signals (up to 50 V), variable amplification ranges by computer control and computer control of ionsource potentials and system parameters.
The DELTAplus Advantage is a universal tool for isotope ratio determination like 13C/12C, 15N/14N, 18O/16O, 34S/32S in dual inlet and continuous flow modes. D/H determination is available in dual inlet mode.

The modular design of the DELTAplus Advantage provides a flexible and open platform for the connection of inlet systems and preparation devices.
Full integration of the ISODAT 2.0 gas isotope software package enables easy set up, tuning and automatic operation of the DELTAplus  Advantage.
The powerful ISODAT 2.0 script language ISL provides access to all processes and allows modification of supplied scripts as well as development of entirely new measurement and evaluation protocols.

  • Enhanced sensitivity
  • Extended dynamic range
         - Amplifiers register to 50 V
         - Computer switchable amplifier gain
  • Elimination of electronic noise with fiber optic signal transmission
  • Computer controlled ion source potentials and parameters
  • "Fast bellows" system
  • "Plug and measure" peripheral recognition
  • Full ISODAT 2.0 integration

All features of the established DELTAplus

  • 3 kV acceleration voltage for all gas species
  • Universal triple collector for CNOS gas species
  • Combined sensitivity and linearity specifications for all gas species at identical ion source settings
  • Mass range m/z 1 - 70 at full 3 kV acceleration voltage
  • Electromagnet for high precision dual element mode (C and N, O and H)
  • Ultra high vacuum design
  • Weld-free metal sealed monolithic ion source housing
  • Monolithic all-metal valves with gold gaskets
  • Modular design for easy upgrading
  • Small footprint (roughing pumps inside the cabinet)