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Aerogard® – maximum protection with maximum choice of tip types

Aerogard is synonymous with protection … protection for you, your pipette and your samples. All Aerogard tips function using the same basic principles. A precisely engineered tip is fitted with a specialised 10 micron filter which allows free passage of air but prevents aerosol passage. An Aerogard filter does not form a seal on contact with liquid. So in the event of accidental over-pipetting, you will be able to recover your sample from the tip, uncontaminated. This can be a distinct advantage if your sample is scarce or precious. 

Zero Aerosol Pipette (ZAP™) Tips – your first choice for PCR
Due to the sensitivity of the PCR process, any contamination can lead to undesirable non-specific end products being amplified in subsequent reactions.  Zero Aerosol Pipette tips have been specifically designed with PCR techniques firmly in mind to prevent aerosol contamination of your pipettes. All ZAP tips contain a 25 micron pore polyethylene filter capable of blocking aerosols, which interfere with PCR. As ZAP tips are designed for PCR every batch is tested for the presence of DNase, RNase, human DNA and endotoxin contaminants. They are supplied in racks and gamma-irradiated using an ISO validated process. ZAP tips fit most manufacturers’ pipettes and each rack of tips is labelled with its functional volume range.