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Aurora’s ready-to-use nucleic acid extraction and isolation kits provide a simple, straight-forward solution. These extraction kits provide excellent sensitivity and specificity. These extraction kits have been optimized for use in automated liquid handling workstations but may also be used by scientists desiring manual protocols. By combining these DNA and RNA extraction kits with Aurora’s VERSA™ liquid handling workstations, laboratories can fully automate the nucleic acid extraction and isolation process thereby reducing cost and operator error, while increasing efficiency. Our kits provide easy solutions for a full range of nucleic acid isolation protocols, including plasmid DNA isolation, genomic DNA and RNA isolation, as well as DNA or RNA extraction clean up.
The AB96 Filter Column Binding Plasmid DNA Kit is optimized for the preparation of up to 96 plasmid minipreps in parallel, in one hour. Lysate clearance filter plates replace time-consuming centrifugation involved in the cleaning of bacterial alkaline lysates. This Plasmid DNA kit is ready-to-go, and contains all necessary components for plasmid DNA purification in a 96-well format. The resulting purified plasmid DNA is suitable for the most sensitive downstream applications such as routine screening or automated DNA sequencing. The AB96 Filter Column Binding Plasmid DNA Kit 96 well DNA plates are ideal for usage with Aurora’s automated robotic liquid handling VERSATM Series workstations. The AB96 Magnetic Binding Plasmid DNA kit is a magnetic bead-based plasmid purification system that uses a single protocol to purify a variety of high and low copy plasmid, BACs, PACs and cosmids. This flexible system can be easily adopted and automated into most robotic platforms, including Aurora’s automated robotic liquid handling VERSATM Series, without sacrificing plasmid DNA quality. Purified DNA can be used directly for automated fluorescence sequencing and other downstream applications.
The AB96 Filter Column Binding BAC/PAC DNA Kit provides a fast, reliable, high throughput method for the purification of BAC or PAC DNA. It is based on modified alkaline lysis of the bacteria cells, followed by the clearing of the lysate with an 96-well Lysate Clearance Plate. The BAC or PAC DNA is further purified and concentrated by an 96-well DNA Plate.