FieldScreen™ - a revolutionary new virtual screening system

Manufacturer Cresset Group Ltd

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Cresset are pleased to announce that FieldScreenTM, their revolutionary field-based virtual screening technology is now available for licensing. FieldScreen™ is a powerful tool that allows users to search through in-house and commercially available compound libraries to select arrays of compounds with diverse structures but the same biological function. This can be a laborious process for companies in early stage drug development, but FieldScreen™ can accomplish the task in a fraction of the time. What makes FieldScreenTM unique is that this hit selection is accomplished by an analysis of the molecular field around the compound and not the molecular structure itself.

Cresset's FieldScreen™ is the first validated field analysis software application for candidate selection. The software has already demonstrated its ability to find completely novel hits from screening just a few hundred compounds rather than hundreds of thousands. Successful collaborations have replaced peptides with non-peptide and steroid with non-steroid leads, as well as finding novel leads starting from known "drug-like" molecules.