FemtoJet® and FemtoJet express by Eppendorf

Manufacturer Eppendorf

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FemtoJet® and FemtoJet express
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The FemtoJet® and our new FemtoJet express microinjectors are non identical twins sharing many features, which makes them both an excellent choice for any kind of microinjection of aqueous solutions into adherent cells, suspension cells or small organisms.

The important difference is that the new FemtoJet express uses pressure from an external supply whilst the FemtoJet has a build in compressor to work as a stand alone unit. Both share the identical broad range in settings for injection time and pressure, but the external pressure supply makes the FemtoJet express the preferred choice if injecting greater volumes ( >100 picoliters) and/or longer series at higher pressures are required as increasingly seen in functional genomics and developmental biology applications.

Both the FemtoJet and FemtoJet express feature the identical range of injection times and pressures to address a wide range of applications. If higher volumes are required more often in your experiments, the FemtoJet express is our recommenadtion, whilst the FemtoJet should be your choice if you preferrently use smaller volumes.