(disabled) FDSS - Drug Discovery Instruments

Manufacturer Hamamatsu Photonics

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Hamamatsu’s FDSS systems are reliable, imaging-based plate readers with built-in liquid handling for fast kinetic cell-based assays. It can detect fluorescence or luminescence.

What can be done on FDSS product lines?
• GPCR calcium influx assays: All calcium wash or non-washing kits, Fluo-4, Fura-2, Premo™ Cameleon, Aequorin
• Ion channel assays: FMP, VSP, FluxOR™ for potassium channel, SBFI for sodium channel, YFP for chloride channel
• Enzymatic assays: Prolyl isomerase, and other very fast enzymatic assays
• Transporter assays
• Light-activated receptor or channel assays
• Learn more about the FDSS from real users. Review presentations from the 6th European FDSS Users Meeting online.

Our FDSS products

• μCELL - small and affordable imaging plate reader that dispenses and images 96 or 384 well plates for kinetic cell-based assay development
• FDSS7000 - the top-rated model, includes 1536 dispensing tips and multiple wash tanks, real-time kinetic analysis and field upgradable components
• RayCatcher - a 1536, 384 and 96 well plate-compatible luminometer for chemiluminescent and bio-luminescent assays

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(disabled) FDSS - Drug Discovery Instruments

Manufacturer Hamamatsu Photonics

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