FastStart Universal Probe Master (Rox) by Roche Applied Science - a member of the Roche Group

FastStart Universal Probe Master (Rox) by Roche Applied Science - a member of the Roche Group product image
FastStart Universal Probe Master (Rox)
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FastStart Universal Probe Master (Rox) includes a novel reference dye, which enables its use without modification or adjustments to the specific instrument or protocol on all real-time PCR instruments requiring normalization with ROX. This ready-to-use, 2x-concentrated master mix contains all reagents (except primers, probe, and template) needed for running quantitative, real-time DNA-detection assays, including qPCR and two-step qRT-PCR, in the hydrolysis probe detection format. FastStart Universal Probe Master (Rox) generates excellent results on instruments such as the Applied Biosystems 7900 HT Fast Real-Time PCR System or the Applied Biosystems 7500 Real-Time PCR System.


  • Use this master mix on all real-time PCR instruments that require normalization: Benefit from the new, specially developed universal reference dye included in the master mix for robust performance with a variety of instrument platforms.
  • Increase qPCR sensitivity and specificity: Produce lower cycle threshold (Ct) values with the hot start enzyme FastStart Taq DNA Polymerase and highest purity nucleotides included in the master mix.
  • Use this master mix with any probe-based assay: Achieve sensitive, specific results in assays with the Universal ProbeLibrary Probes or any other hydrolysis probe.
  • Amplify and detect a broad range of DNA or cDNA targets: Amplify fragments up to 500 bp long, including those that are GC- or AT-rich.
  • Visualize amplification products on agarose gels.
  • Use robotic pipetting stations to set up qPCR reactions: Benefit from a master mix that is stable at room temperature during extended reaction setup times.
  • Prevent false positives resulting from carryover contamination: The mix contains dUTP, so that it may be used with Uracil-DNA Glycosylase to eliminate contaminating DNA carried over from previous PCR reactions.

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