FAST® Slide Protein Microarrays by Kerafast

Manufacturer Kerafast  |  Available Worldwide

FAST® Slide Protein Microarrays by Kerafast product image
FAST® Slide Protein Microarrays

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FAST® Pre-Arrayed Assay Kits

KeraFAST offer several Protein Microarrays; FAST Slides pre-arrayed with important content for your protein analyses: 

   •   FAST Quant kits--Human and Mouse Cytokine Kits
   •   FAST Serum Biomarker Chip Kit

FAST® Slide Custom Protein Microarrays

KeraFAST is pleased to continue to offer a comprehensive group of protein array services, ranging from contract arraying to slide processing and scanning, all based on the widely accepted FAST Slide protein microarray platform, and provided by same the highly experienced former Whatman FAST team and laboratory.

   •   Standard Array Processing---run customer samples on our “off the shelf” arrays
   •   Custom Arraying—put customer’s elements on FAST slides and other slides
   •   Custom Assay Development

FAST Slide Protein Microarrays

FAST™ Slides are the premier surface for protein microarray applications. Protein microarrays are tools that can be used in many different areas of research, including basic and translational research.
The most significant advantage of FAST Slides over modified glass surfaces is that the matrix retains arrayed proteins in near-quantitative fashion. This property translates into antibody arrays with unparalleled sensitivity down to antigen concentrations of 1 pg/ml. These qualities make FAST Slides the most reliable surface for microarray experiments and provide a high level of confidence. FAST Slides are compatible with fluorescent, chemiluminescent or radiographic detection systems.

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FAST® Slide Protein Microarrays by Kerafast product image

FAST® Slide Protein Microarrays

Manufacturer Kerafast  |  Available Worldwide

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