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FastPrep® Instruments and Kits

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The FastPrep® Instruments and Kits from MP Biomedicals is the complete sample preparation system for grinding, lysing and homogenizing tough and resistant samples for subsequent extraction of DNA, RNA, proteins and other small molecules. With more than 6,000 installations worldwide, FastPrep provides a unique means of homogenizing by which any type of sample, no matter how tough, can be quickly and consistently lysed fast and easy…every time!

When compared to traditional homogenization methods such as vortexing, syringe shearing, or grinding with a mortar and pestle, the FastPrep instruments will save hours of work and provide higher yields of intact DNA, RNA and proteins.

FastPrep-24 uses a unique, vertical angular motion that causes the lysing matrix particles to impact the sample from all directions simultaneously, releasing nucleic acids and proteins into the protective buffer faster than with any other system. The widest range of sample holder available anywhere, allows complete flexibility in sample sizes, from 2 mL tubes, to 50 mL tubes, low throughput to high, either at ambient temperatures, or cryogenically.

The FastPrep-96 is the new big brother and is designed for high-throughput and large volume applications. The highest power settings available, and optional sample holders process samples from 96-well plate format, all the way up to 500 mL, saving time and money for your big projects. High speed linear motion, easy to program, and quiet, vibration-free operation makes the FastPrep-96 the perfect solution for all of your high volume sample preparation needs.

All FastPrep Systems are completely self-contained, and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and time consuming clean-up associated with manual lysis methods. Simply add sample and buffers to the Lysing Matrix tube containing specialized beads specific to your application. Homogenization speed and duration times are digitally controlled for consistent results.

High performance FastPrep Purification Kits, and Lysing Matrix tubes, when used in conjunction with the FastPrep-24 Instrument, provide simple, ready-to-use methods for the release and subsequent purification of intact DNA, RNA, and proteins from virtually any source.

RapidGene-12™ combines cutting edge nanotechnology reagents with high-tech mechatronics for the purification of nucleic acids from a variety of sample types. RapidGene-12 saves time and resources at an affordable price and is compact and robust enough for routine daily high throughput lab work. The intuitive touch screen software gets you up and running within minutes. Our unique chemistry allows variable sample input volumes and results in PCR ready, pure DNA in minutes. The novel self-contained pipetting system is simple, thus lowering service needs, and is disposable which, coupled with integrated UV-decontamination, provides the confidence of a contamination free interior. Our sample-specific kits include all reagents and are supplied in convenient single-sample cartridges


  • Bone, tissue, tumors
  • Blood, serum, plasma
  • Bacteria gram + or –
  • Yeast, fungi, spores
  • Feces, soil, sediment
  • Leaves, roots, seeds

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FastPrep® Instruments and Kits by MP Biomedicals product image

FastPrep® Instruments and Kits

Manufacturer MP Biomedicals

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