FastDNA® SPIN KIT by MP Biomedicals

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Isolation of genomic DNA from plants, animals, bacteria, yeast, algae, and fungi using a silica spin filter method The FastDNA™ SPIN Kit, an updated version of the well-known FastDNA™ Kit, is used with any FastPrep® Instrument to lyse and subsequently isolate DNA from up to 200 mg of almost any sample in less than 30 minutes. Lysing Matrix A and three different chaotropic buffers are provided for the optimal homogenization of a wide variety of sample types (plant and animal tissues, cultured cells, bacteria, yeast, fungi, insects, etc..). The released DNA is purified by a silica based GeneClean® SPIN procedure, with supplied filter buckets and catch tubes to simplify liquid handling, and is suitable for PCR analysis and other downstream applications.

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FastDNA® SPIN KIT by MP Biomedicals product image