Whatman™ FAST PAK Protein Array Kits

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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FAST PAK protein array kits provide the necessary components for researchers to conveniently build and process protein microarrays.

Each kit contains 10 FAST Slides, 10 Incubation Chambers, 40 Chamber Covers, 10 ml 2 x Protein Arraying Buffer, 15 ml Protein Array Blocking Buffer, and 125 ml 10 x Protein Array Wash Buffer.

Whatman™ FAST PAK Protein Array Kits Features:

  • 1, 2, 8, or 16 array pads on each slide
  • Each pad can be processed separately to increase the number of arrays on each slide and reduce sample volume
  • Proprietary protein array blocking buffer ensures optimum signal-to-noise ratios and promotes specific binding
  • Flexibility for detection by fluorescent, chemiluminescent, colorimetric, and radiographic methods

Whatman™ FAST PAK Protein Array Kits Applications:

  • ELISA format (sandwich assay) experiments using antibody arrays
  • Reverse phase (micro-Western) arrays using cell or tissue lysates
  • Purified protein arrays
  • Carbohydrate arrays
  • Lipids and other materials which can be arrayed on nitrocellulose