Falcon® Cell Culture Multi-Flask

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Falcon® Cell Culture Multi-Flask: An easier, more productive way to culture cells

Falcon Cell Culture Multi-Flasks enable you to grow more cells faster and easier, thereby making your cell culture workflow more productive.

The tissue culture-treated Falcon Multi-Flasks are available in 3- or 5-layer formats that provide 525 cm2 or 875 cm2 cell growth surface area. They can be used with a wide range of liquid volumes (up to 50mL/layer).

Simplify your scale-up. Falcon Multi-Flasks, offer the same footprint, the same reagent volumes, and the same cell seeding densities as 175 cm2 flasks. Plus, you’ll be using the same proven surface treatment as all other Falcon flasks.

Falcon® Cell Culture Multi-Flask Features:

  • Even distribution of media across all layers for homogeneous cell populations
  • Ability to mix in the Falcon Multi-Flask saves time and reduces risk of contamination
  • Flexible design lets you pour or aspirate/recover cells using a pipet
  • Consistent surface treatments for predictable scale-up
  • Manufactured in compliance to cGMP standards

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