FailSafe™ PCR System

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Epicentre Technologies Corp.

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The FailSafe™ PCR System provides dependable, consistent high-fidelity PCR results for every DNA template, regardless of its source or sequence. The FailSafe PCR System will faithfully amplify your template every time.

The system includes the FailSafe™ PCR Enzyme Mix and a meticulously tested set of 12 FailSafe™ PCR “PreMixes” that cover a matrix of enzyme-specific PCR conditions that are optimal for amplifying different sequences. Each FailSafe PCR PreMix contains dNTPs, an enzyme mix-optimized buffer, and one of the carefully selected levels of MgCl2 and FailSafe™ PCR Enhancer with Betaine.* Along with the FailSafe Enzyme Mix, at least one PreMix will contain the optimal PCR condition you need for successful and optimal PCR results with any template. The FailSafe™ PCR Enzyme Mix is a unique blend of thermostable enzymes that is capable of amplifying the most difficult DNA templates with extremely high sensitivity and high fidelity. Based on side-by-side experiments to determine nucleotide incorporation error rates, the nucleotide incorporation accuracy of the FailSafe Enzyme Mix is at least 3 times higher than Taq DNA polymerase.

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FailSafe™ PCR System

Manufacturer Epicentre Technologies Corp.

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