FACTS™ Flexible Assay Composer and Task Scheduler

Manufacturer Tecan

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The Flexible Assay Composer and Task Scheduler or FACTS is Tecan’s software to automate and schedule life science applications on Genesis Workstation, Genesis Freedom, Freedom EVO® and TRAC™ systems.

Features and functions

  • Graphical setup and simulation of processes
  • FACTS Explorer for FACTS database management
  • Gantt chart for graphical representation of the progress of processes
  • Fully dynamic scheduler (re-scheduling of processes in real time)
  • Multilevel scheduling (FACTS controls FACTS)
  • Continuous loading of plates
  • Powerful error handling features and user notifications via email
  • Control of multiple robots
  • Interface with a host computer for full remote process control and transfer of worklists, results and logfiles
  • ActiveX® interface for integration into other software systems
  • More than 75 device drivers available for Tecan and third party hardware
  • Development kit for writing custom drivers available